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Command Prompt Programming (Windows)

Becoming familiar with command line tools is essential for any software developer. This is the Scratchwerk Academy introductory course. In this course we will introduce students to the field of Software Engineer. We will start with the basics of hardware and software, then walk-thru the basics of computer architecture. We will finish the course by building a software fighting came using just text and our command prompts.
  • Fight Game Demo
  • Getting Started
  • Command Prompts and Terminals
  • EXERCISE: Use a Command Prompt
  • File Explorer
  • Command Prompts and Folders
  • CD - Command Prompt
  • CD Command Shortcuts
  • Creating Batch Script
  • EXERCISE: Create a batch file
  • CHALLENGE: Run batch
  • More Command Prompt
  • Read Input From User
  • EXERCISE: Read input from the user
  • QUIZ: Command Prompts
  • Expanding the Game
  • Using Conditions
  • EXERCISE: Using a Condition
  • Additional Conditions
  • EXERCISE: Additional Conditions
  • GoTo and Sections
  • CHALLENGE: Create menu with more sections
  • Additional Logic
  • Using Comments
  • Section Looping
  • Reading Input from Command Line
  • Random Numbers
  • CHALLENGE: Play Again Option
  • Wrap Up
  • Final Test
  • Instructor Led Testing
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever
  • Welcome to Scratchwerk Academy